Short Stories



by Joel Stewart

“How do you pick your victims?” I asked. The old man grunted and poked at the fire with his cane. Despite the suffocating August heat of the city, his apartment seemed cold to me. Cold and damp. “Why do you call them victims?” he asked…. [continue reading]

Diego & Isabel

Diego & Isabella by Henry Simpson

by Henry Simpson

Diego woke up early Saturday morning. Many of the vaqueros had left the island for the weekend, and the few remaining were sleeping soundly in the darkness. He packed a saddlebag with his blanket, a beautiful embroidered shirt, fancy necktie, polished boots, and a horsehair bracelet he had woven during idle hours in the cookhouse…. [continue reading]

Gran’s Centaur

Gran's Centaur by Anna O'Brien

by Anna O’Brien

The first time my little sister Sammy heard Gran’s centaur story was the last time I heard it. Sammy was having some tough times in sixth grade like I did at her age and I thought the story might give her something else to think about. Plus, you could never tell when Gran was going to tell her story… [continue reading]

The Streams of Ziria


by Simon McHardy

Nikos groaned from the exertion of climbing the steep incline. He had spied the thin, winding dirt track while walking his usual route through the foothills of the Ziria Mountain Range and now, curious, he followed the path as it snaked its way up a precipitous, rocky hill before descending into a darkened valley…. [continue reading]

Island of Fiends


by Justin Meckes

I stumbled up the beach after drifting several days on the open sea. I didn’t know if anyone else had survived or what their fate might have been, but I could scarcely consider it because my mouth was so parched and dry from thirst. Ahead of me there was nothing but a grove of trees, but to the north I saw a break…. [continue reading]

An Appointment with Mr. Dee


by A. Elizabeth Herting

If you had to choose his very best characteristic (and there were so, so many), he would tell you that it had to be his ironic sense of humor. He was perhaps the most talked about, infamous representation of all of God’s handiwork, enjoying his role in the grand scheme of things immensely…. [continue reading]