I get a call to work on a Chris Cooper western flick. It stars John Lithgow and Darren E. Burrows from Northern Exposure, and it’s the story of a water shortage and how it drives a bunch of outlaws to become pretty rambunctious. It ends well though. Right before the final gun fight there’s a thunderclap and everyone notices the dark clouds and the rain.

After a long day of shooting the movie, I drink a beer with an extra. His face is dirt-covered, but he grins ear to ear as I get drunk. It must have been a long day and a lot of sun because it only takes one beer to feel intoxicated. I walk outside and see an off-road race. Cars careen around a rock face, threatening to slip off the track, off a cliff, and into a lake.

Hollywood is working out, sort of. I’m dating Jane Fonda. Admittedly, I’m wondering if she’s too old for me. She and I are watching one of her old films (on VHS). She seems distracted, and I don’t know why. Some old guy walks in and I know Jane has been cheating on me. I think, At least he’s age appropriate.

Photo by Sarah Lachise