Swimming with an Anaconda

The man–who happened to be a Hugh Grant look-alike–first met the anaconda on a trip to the rainforest. She stalked him on a 10-day trek through the heart of the Amazon. Somehow he managed to escape the snake’s grasp and the humidity to return home safely.

Unfortunately, unbeknownst to the man, the anaconda kept pursuing him. The snake finally found him swimming alone in a hotel pool. It slithered into the water and wrapped around him. The man panicked, but it was too late. No one heard his screams.

The anaconda was strange in that its stomach came out of his body to envelop the man. It was like a thin, translucent placenta covering the man-child.

The man had traveled to South America with a documentary film crew. They accompanied him to the hotel and had mixed emotions when they encountered the drowned man wrapped up by the giant snake. They were sorry that their on-air talent was dead, but elated that they could capture him being swallowed on film.

Photo by David Clode