A Bridge Over Troubled Water

It seemed like I was back in college or in high school in an 80’s movie. A group of guys and I go to a grocery store in a bad part of town and one of my friend’s has their Jeep stolen while we’re inside.

We call the cops.

As we wait for them to arrive, somebody orders cheeseburgers. We’re scarfing ’em down when the police get there to start investigating leads.

My friend says he left his keys in the Jeep. This causes some of the cops to start sniggering. What strikes me as odd is that one of the cops is the principal from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. They keep giggling when they see a poster about transgender rights.

I decide I have to do something.

I start to investigate myself and immediately come upon the house where the Jeep has crashed through a fence and rolled down a hill. As if I’m clairvoyant, I see an image of the high schooler who stole the car. He looks like a taller, more muscular Kyle MacLachlan from the movie Dune.

In my vision, I see him shove a guy to the ground after watching him try to swim across a concrete bridge. The curious aspect of this is that all the water is beneath the bridge.

Kyle masterminds a plot that involves killing another high school student and throwing him out of their car to make it look like he was thrown from the Jeep before it rolled down the hill. For some reason, Kyle also plans to use his supernatural powers to raise a new fence out of the ground from where the first one was bent over and broken.

It’s up to me to stop him.

Photo by Clark Young