Sandor Kovacs

Read Sandor Kovac’s “The Girl in the Flowery Dress.”

1. What made you want to become a writer?

In my early twenties, I became the singer of a rock band, and I wrote all the lyrics. I believe, this was the point in my life when I began to enjoy the game of words.

I wrote my first short story in Hungarian (my native language) about three years ago. Of course, it wasn’t the best piece of mine, but writing it down relieved me because the idea haunted me for a long time. My friends liked it, so they encouraged me to write more. Their positive feedback was the rock that started the avalanche, and here I am, now writing in English too, hoping that once I can be a full-time professional author.

2. What is your genre or writing style and has it changed over time?

My favorite genres are horror, science fiction, and fantasy when it comes to reading. I love all of them equally. But probably I’m more like a horror, dark fantasy writer.

My style hasn’t changed yet; in fact, it’s still forming. However, I’m planning to write more sci-fi in the future.

3. What has helped you the most in the writing pursuit?

Other writers’ works and the support I’ve received from my family.

4. How would you describe your writing practice?

I make a note of my ideas into a notebook or my phone, whichever is closer to me. I pick one, research it and scribble the first draft to get it out of my head. Then, I let it rest for a while (usually for four weeks), and then I start to edit it. I go through every piece several times before I show it to anyone. Later, based on feedback, I finalize the story, copy edit it, and send it out to magazines. I write or edit something every day.

Recently, I discovered that writing went quite well when I was travelling. Since, I always make sure that I have my laptop or my notebook with me.

5. What are you writing now?

I have a few short story and flash fiction ideas, so I am working on those at the moment. Also, I am planning to self-publish a short story collection next year, titled The Apocalyptic Choir. It will contain my post-apocalyptic and dystopian themed stories.

If I manage to accomplish all these, I will begin to write my first novel. The idea is in my head, and I’m excited and afraid of starting it at the same time. But this is the nature of big projects.

6. Where can someone find out more about your work?

I’m in the process of creating my author website, where I will publish flash fictions and other interesting things. You can visit the site at