Strange New World

There were roadblocks in every direction, but he still managed to escape and speed down a winding road leading to a expansive lake. As he grew closer to the lake he found that the water had overtaken the road, forcing him to slam on the brakes. His red car skidded to a stop, and he climbed out to survey the scene.

In the sky, he saw something gleaming and falling fast. It was the size of a snowflake, but he could still make it out over the lake as it descended toward the water. The next thing he knew he was in a submarine with a group of scientists who were all examining that foreign object.

It contained new properties. There was much to learn.

Soon after, a foreign army arrived by boat. They submerged and detonated an atomic bomb. Watching from the shore, our protagonist found that the blast had washed several miles away. When he picked himself up he began searching for a duffel bag.

Upon finding it, he realized it wasn’t his. It belonged to one of the female scientists. He decided to find her and once he did they would try to make a life together in this strange new world.

Photo by Sebastian Spindler