An Evil Science

For some reason, Fox Mulder was no longer played by David Duchovny. Instead, Michael Keaton took on the role. And he’s lecturing Scully in an interrogation room. Quickly thereafter, they go into a hotel room where Scully sees a sheet that’s been written on in blood.

While she’s there, she realizes she’s been hypnotized. This is so terrible that she wails in agony knowing who is responsible. An evil scientist played by James Spader has put her under. And only God knows what he’s had her do.

Fortunately, Keaton has mind powers of his own. He launches a missile strike with his thoughts. The missiles move toward the evil scientists’ airplane, which is really more like a space station with wings.

As the missiles strike the station, Keaton is talking to Spader. He’s basically telling him he’s going to pay for what he’s done to Scully. Spader’s plane goes down, but is he’s able to escape to pursue his evil agenda again another day.

Photo by GoaShape