Something Was Stirring

Sitting around a fire this Christmas?

One of the writers who has contributed to our journal, Callum McSorley, has a book coming out just in time for this holiday season.

As a matter of fact, it will be available tonight. Something was Stirring: Seasonal Tales of Horror will be available right here.  If you’re into horror, then this work would be a good one to pick up this year. It’s also worth noting that, according to Callum’s post, he is reviving a tradition of fright that dates all the way back to the Victorians.

If you would like to read “The Red Elk” it’s here on our site. Truth be told, it was one of my favorite stories of the year. It leans toward the fantasy side of what we publish, and it’s a story you should check out regardless of whether or not you download his free ebook.

Justin Meckes

Photo by Jad Limcaco