“Gran’s Centaur” by Anna O’Brien

Anna O’Brien is a writer and veterinarian in Maryland. She is a contributing editor for the magazine Horse Illustrated and has had fiction most recently published in Bewildering StoriesBlue Fifth Review, and Cheap Pop. She is also the managing blog editor for Luna Station Quarterly. She likes fat, slow dogs, and fast bicycles. She has one of each and posts pictures of them on Twitter: @annaobriendvm.

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Black book: Volume I

In keeping with our mission, Scrutiny has produced a little black book that offers up a lot of magical realism. Below you’ll see a list of the stories included in both the print and eBook version.

Table of Contents

  • “Emotions” by Joel Stewart
  • “Wendigo” by Veronica McDonald
  • “Cadence” by Andrew Levi Noe
  • “Skadi” by Emily Linstrom
  • “Listening to Birds” by Nick Milne
  • “Gran’s Centaur” by Anna O’Brien
  • “Of the Water and the Wild” by E.L. Miller
  • “Free Stories, $1” by Sam Oches
  • “Inferno” by Justin Meckes

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The Screw #008

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