“The Red Light Room” by María Entrialgo | María Entrialgo has a degree from the University of Oviedo specializing in Archeology and European Middle Ages History. As a writer she has collaborated with Spanish artists. Nowadays she is secretary in an english academy in her city, Gijón. She also writes at http://mariaentrialgoe.wordpress.com. Leave a comment, […]

For some reason, Fox Mulder was no longer played by David Duchovny. Instead, Michael Keaton took on the role. And he’s lecturing Scully in an interrogation room. Quickly thereafter, they go into a hotel room where Scully sees a sheet that’s been written on in blood. While she’s there, she realizes she’s been hypnotized. This […]

There were roadblocks in every direction. But he still managed to escape and speed down a winding road leading to a expansive lake. As he grew closer to the lake he found that the water had overtaken the road, forcing him to slam on the brakes. His red car skidded to a stop, and he […]

Read Alex Clark-McGlenn’s “The Sign For Grief Is Crow.” 1. What made you want to become a writer? Growing up I was severely dyslexic. I didn’t read a book until I was in 8th grade. In that same year, my English teacher shared some of the works of Edgar Allan Poe and ee cummings with […]

Chruck Norris is in a jungle somewhere. He’s stalking an enemy in the hot, humid underbrush until mortar rounds start to hit. Chuck begins to run. He sprints through the jungle until he stops cold. The sound of a nearby mortar is just too close. He shoulders his weapon and scales a tree. He leaps […]

Read Sean Gill’s “Past Lives, Now Available on Videocassette.” 1. What made you want to become a writer? I wrote my first “book” at age seven. It was called Deserted! and was about twenty pages long, illustrated, comb bound, and somehow incredibly derivative of both Robinson Crusoe and the Jabba’s Palace scenes from Return of […]