There was a Japanese man who had two sons. The eldest son grew up and decided to become an artist. However, he ultimately┬ádecided against this pursuit because his father was so vehemently against it. He instead became an industrial designer and created a pillow that was also a chair that folded into itself for efficient […]

For some reason, Fox Mulder was no longer played by David Duchovny. Instead, Michael Keaton took on the role. And he’s lecturing Scully in an interrogation room. Quickly thereafter, they go into a hotel room where Scully sees a sheet that’s been written on in blood. While she’s there, she realizes she’s been hypnotized. This […]

There were roadblocks in every direction, but he still managed to escape and speed down a winding road leading to a expansive lake. As he grew closer to the lake he found that the water had overtaken the road, forcing him to slam on the brakes. His red car skidded to a stop, and he […]

Chuck Norris is in a jungle somewhere. He’s stalking an enemy in the hot, humid underbrush until mortar rounds start to hit. Chuck begins to run. He sprints through the jungle until he stops cold. The sound of a nearby mortar is just too close. He shoulders his weapon and scales a tree. He leaps […]

The man–who happened to be a Hugh Grant look-alike–first met the anaconda on a trip to the rainforest. She stalked him on a 10-day trek through the heart of the Amazon. Somehow he managed to escape the snake’s grasp and the humidity to return home safely. Unfortunately, unbeknownst to the man, the anaconda kept pursuing […]

The cosmonaut and I became very close on the space station. So close, in fact, that he began to confide in me. He told me he wanted to defect, so I told him he should come “visit” me in America. After coming to┬áCape Canaveral, I took him into my home. He wanted to visit an […]

I get a call to work on a Chris Cooper western flick. It stars John Lithgow and Darren E. Burrows from Northern Exposure, and it’s the story of a water shortage and how it drives a bunch of outlaws to become pretty rambunctious. It ends well though. Right before the final gun fight there’s a […]

He was listening to someone’s mother tell him about how her son was shot. It happened in Southeast Asia. Maybe it was Malaysia. He didn’t know, but he was on the phone with her and as she told her story he was transported to the club where it happened. He saw the gun in his […]

It seemed like we’d been in that hanger forever. The corridor we were walking through was endless, but we kept moving. On each other’s flank, we feared we might suffocate in our spacesuits. We thought we might run out of oxygen and began to perspire. Drops of sweat gathered on our brows. In a bright […]