Selected Films

This is a selection of films that Scrutiny has viewed and approved. If you would like to submit a film for placement here, please contact us. It can be any length and can be hosted anywhere from Instagram to Vimeo. If you’ve come to watch, make sure you do so in full screen!

Sea Full of Hooks | 7:40 | This film tells the story of a mermaid trapped in an urban environment. | Bicephaly Pictures

Helyn Springs | 15:13 | After discovering that his grandpa is terminally ill, Mason sets out on a journey to a local spring rumored to have magical healing powers. | Noah Camenker

Nothing But a Number | 14:15 | A growing up story of someone who has already grown up. | Jackson J. Eagan

High & Gruesome | 11:36 | This film is an abstract comedy exploring impermanence and loss, a trip through a barren landscape no longer recognizable, a place where contemporary anxieties bubble up through warm nostalgic memories. There’s also a talking dog and a musical number. | Vince Di Meglio