Scrutiny is predominately a journal of magical realism, but the genre is defined loosely. So, literary science fiction, fantasy, and any other surreal story could fit nicely on the site. The quote below might help you decide whether or not your story is a good fit for Scrutiny:

“When people use the term magic realism, usually they only mean ‘magic’ and they don’t hear ‘realism’, whereas the way in which magic realism actually works is for the magic to be rooted in the real. It’s both things. It’s not just a fairytale moment. It’s the surrealism that arises out of the real.”

― Salman Rushdie

* * *

The submission form is at the bottom of the page, but please keep these requirements in mind:

  • Stories should be between 500 and 3000 words
  • Response time is typically no more than 3 months
  • Please follow standard guidelines for a cover letter
    • You may omit the journal’s address

Simultaneous submissions are accepted but contact us promptly if your piece is published elsewhere.

In regards to payment, the journal will pay a royalty for each piece published. After the first $5.00, Scrutiny pays its writers 50% of all generated revenue. We invite you to let people know that your story has been published in Scrutiny. Encourage them to donate to the journal and your work.

Also note, stories will be posted from six months to one year, in which time Scrutiny reserves First North American Serial Rights.

Please proceed to our submission form.