Short Stories

Staring at the Sun


by M.M. Lewis

Don’t look up. Keep Calm and Carry On, said the Government. Some mastermind at the Home Office had decided it was time to use the posters that had become so popular during the Recession. What people saw in the sky was even worse than a financial recession…. [continue reading]

The Red Light Room


by María Entrialgo

If Emilia, as a young girl, had known what was in that room, she might never have gone in. If she’d known what that red light leaking out from that room meant, all those sobs that went in…. [continue reading]

Heart of Gold


by Quentin Norris

In the time that I spent looking for David Adcock, it never occurred to me that he was not human, but a spirit, a rumor. Maybe he had been human at one point, but time had eroded his name into nothing but a whisper on the wind…. [continue reading]

The Sign For Grief Is Crow


by Alex Clark-McGlenn

The crow perched on the fire escape rail. It was the first day of spring and, somehow, there wasn’t a cloud in Queens. The crow eyed the meat that flopped from Frank’s sandwich on the table…. [continue reading]

The Scar On The Landscape


by Sanjay Bheenuck

A thin mist enveloped the village at daybreak. An old man woke at the first signs of light to tend to the animals. His granddaughter emerged from their thatched shelter brandishing pails of milk…. [continue reading]

The Girl in the Flowery Dress


by Sandor Kovacs

Like the air conditioning was non-existent, small sweat drops tickled my skin. I wanted to survive the journey without throwing up, or embarrassment, or any contact with people…. [continue reading]