Short Stories

Past Lives, Now Available on…


by Sean Gill

The phone rang and Maxine answered, dutifully. There was a pause on the other end of the line, a measured silence. Then a familiar, sour voice: “Why didn’t you pick up?”… [continue reading]

Open Your Soul


by Jim Krehbiel

The woman knelt before a gravestone, pushing wire spokes into the earth. Fixed to the spokes was a large placard, brightly colored but illegible from where I stood…. [continue reading]

Drowning Without Sinking


by Josh Rank

The first time I drowned was at night. Rebecca and I had only been dating for a month and I wanted to show her that I could be spontaneous so we climbed the fence at the public pool…. [continue reading]



by Senja Andrejevic-Bullock

Damascus, a long time ago

The hand hangs in the Al Marjeh square. It is light and sways easily in the wind…. [continue reading]



by Joel Stewart

“How do you pick your victims?” I asked. The old man grunted and poked at the fire with his cane. Despite the suffocating August heat of the city, his apartment seemed cold to me…. [continue reading]



by Justin Meckes

When we heard the news, we rioted. We broke down the double doors of a shopping center. We heard alarms, but didn’t retreat. We sprinted into the dark using the flashlights on our cellphones…. [continue reading]